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The Power of Choice
4 week Masterclass

Welcome to The Power of Choice 4 Week Masterclass!

We are your hosts Bekah & Alysha and we will be holding a safe, educational, reflective space for you to begin releasing & moving some of your pain, grief, heartache caused by your unavailable father in childhood and/or turmoil within your current romantic relationships.


Learn to rewrite the script  and unravel old stories running on repeat in your mind telling you this is as good as it gets, replacing it with a new upgraded script that is empowering and crafted from a place of confidence and self love. In this masterclass you will learn to cultivate greater self awareness to trust yourself, strengthen internal resources, and feel safe and secure in your body.  


These tools will lead you to feel more confident in your ability to choose, make decisions that enhance your life as well as choose people in your life who will brighten your path without being co-dependent, become your own soulmate with deeper self compassion and feeling your own wholeness,  and create stronger boundaries


This is an opportunity to learn to be seen, heard, and supported through your healing by a powerful group of supportive women.


Who is this masterclass for?

-If you ever feel trapped inside of a cycle of unfulfilling,

toxic, narcissistic relationships

-If you have ever felt hurt, heartbroken & unworthy

- If your father abandoned you, were neglected or emotionally unavailable or passed away when you were a child

-If you are a woman (18+) who keeps unconsciously choosing partners who are unhealthy, unavailable or toxic

-If you are ready to shift out of old patterns and ways of being

that are blocking you from living the life of your dreams 

 -If you  are ready to heal these wounds on  a

deep, transformational level 

...this masterclass is for you!


What’s included:

- Transformational Vibration & Sound Healing with Alchemy Bowls

-4 Weekly Live & Recorded Zoom Meetings

- Educational Components to Build Greater Self Awareness

- Collective Card Readings 

- Crystal Energy Healings

- Breathwork & Clearing Channeled Meditations

- Homework to Dive Deeper into Knowing Yourself and Integration

- An Empowered Group of Women in Community

- Private Facebook Group

- A Safe Space to Feel heard & begin healing 



-10% Off an Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Consult & Purchase with Bekah

-10% Off a Channeled Message with Alysha


 Every Wednesday on Zoom

September 29 -October 20, 2021 

7:30pm-8:45 pm CT

(Days/Times subject to change based on group's preference)


If you feel called and aligned to this incredible opportunity for healing Click the Link Below to register Now

Your exchange: 


Payment Plans Available

Email Bekah at to Inquire

Early Bird Spots FILLED


We are capping this masterclass at 13 souls to create a safe, intimate experience! This is truly a life changing opportunity.


Alysha Smith is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist whose purpose is to support others on their unique healing journeys through grief and loss. After experiencing unique losses in Alysha’s life including abandonment, death, grief within pregnancy and grief within living relationships, she decided to take action towards healing her heart from the pain, anger, sadness and resentment she had carried for years. 


 Bekah Kopec  is a Sacred Sound Mentor and  Emotions & Energetics Healing Practitioner. Her intention is to empower others and help reconnect them with their own innate healing power. As a guide, she assists others to tap into their inner guidance, and transform what no longer serves them into wisdom and inner strength

to live the life of their wildest dream.

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