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Tarot Readings

My approach to reading tarot is to use it as a tool to help clients tap into their inner guidance to gain more clarity and empower them to shape their future rather than define it. This means tarot is used as a guide to help see your subconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings and where you're headed so you can make the choice to create the future you desire instead of the cards simply telling you what to do or leaving it to fate. If you don't like where

things are headed you have the power to take a different action and create a more favorable outcome


A tarot reading is a great way to connect more deeply with yourself and inner wisdom, strength your intuition, and understand messages from your guides, higher self. If you are feeling confused, stuck, misaligned, or at a crossroads in life, a tarot reading can shed light on the energies and bring more clarity to your thoughts, feelings, and the situation at hand. It also brings up an opportunity for deeper reflection and self-awareness and offers guidance for stepping more fully in your personal power and inner strength. 

Tarot can also help shift your thoughts and mindset to be more empowering and uplifting by contemplating the phrasing of your questions. For example, a common questions is when will I meet my soulmate? The way this questions is phrased disempowers the inquirer and really doesn't give my guidance.

By shifting the phrasing to What do I need to be ready to meet my soulmate or What do I want in a partner/relationship or What signs will I see when my soulmate is nearby completely shifts the energy of the reading. By simply changing the questions you ask yourself you can greatly affect your personal power and how you receive your inner wisdom/guidance. By rephrasing the question empowers the inquirer, provides insight and guidance, and a deeper understand of your own desires and needs that we're often unaware of.   

Some areas a tarot reading can help give guidance include:

Relationship and Love,

Work and Career,



Feeling stuck or confused

and more

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