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The Unexpected

The Unexpected In a world where there is so much unpredictability, we often cling to control and micromanaging to feel safe and secure. This is like a pacifier for our egos that fear the unknown and are reluctant or resist change. It is okay to feel this way. It is our ego's way of trying to keep us safe and in our comfort zone as it was designed to do.

What happens if we move forward anyways with the reluctancy at our side instead of the enemy?

What possibilities do we open ourselves up to if we trust and move forward despite the fear and apprehension?

What dreams and miracles could meet us if we took just one more step?

The unexpected awaits us just outside of our comfort zones. You have the courage and bravery within to take that step and greet the unknown. It may feel as if nothing can go as you wish or planned at times as if the universe is playing some cruel joke. These instances and the times it feels the world is crashing down on you are the moments that you are propelled onto your path. Those are the lessons preparing you for what you truly desire and all the goodness you deserve.

Dare to take that step in letting go.When you trust in yourself magic happens.

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