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The Stillness Within

The Stillness Within

There is no greater vehicle to peace than stillness.

In stillness resides wisdom, love, comfort and the peace that we so dearly desire.

How in this modern world do we find the peace...the stillness we seek? At times it seems an impossible task or some unreachable fantasy with all the demands and societal expectations placed on us.

Stillness is possible and always accessible to you. There is no fancy or complicated way to attain stillness.

Simply breathe. Notice the rhythm and quality of the breath as you inhale and exhale.


Listen to a favorite song that you get lost in.

Yoga Nidra Meditation can assist you in experiencing stillness and peace for the body, mind, and spirit to make experiencing those moments of stillness in daily life feel more attainable and longer.

The goal is not to silent the mind as that just makes it speak louder like a child begging for attention. The goal is to be fluid. Just like a river flows through rocks and boulders yet always returning to its free flowing stillness or a tree sways in the wind yet firmly rooted. Imagine how it feels to sit near a body of water or lean against a tree. Remember how peaceful and the serenity of sharing in nature's stillness.

We are fluid like the river or trees by allowing emotions to arise and dissolve instead of fighting to shut them down causing them to get stuck creating stress. Our bodies are the boat and our emotions are the water. Repressing our emotions is like paddling against the current, tiring without getting very far. By allowing the current to take us we reach our destination through the turbulent waters to peace.

You have the strength to feel everything.

Stillness IS possible when we allow ourselves to feel. This opens us up to being present.

Peace resides in the present moment.

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