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To Be Human...

The eternal fire of hope burns within you


To Be Human

Life brings us difficult situations and experiences that may feel very personal, as if no matter how hard we try we aren't meant to have the outcome we desire. These difficult heart wrenching knock to you knees experiences have a purpose. It may not feel like it and we may not understand it for weeks, months, years or sometimes ever. These experiences that knock us down are the universe's breaking system. To propel us on our path even though it may not appear as the one we intended.

We don't have to like it or be happy for it. It is true we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and we are still just that...human. It's okay to feel angry, betrayed, abandoned by universe, your guides, people in your life. It's part of the human experience to encounter all these emotions.

What else is part of the human experience...perseverance, strength, courage. We all possess these qualities to help us through the hardships and loss, disappointment of things not going as planned.

Know that you are not alone. No matter how far away you may feel from others in a given moment. You are always connected. These experiences are redirecting you and preparing you to be who you are truly meant to become. All the chaos, heartache, longing is part of the process as well as the joy, laughter and love in moments along the way. We are spirit and we are human in one.

These experiences are just that experiences, opportunities to expand and grow in understanding and healing.

No matter how painful or difficult things may feel, you will stand again strong in your power and strength with greater understanding and compassion because you are spirit and you are human. Even in the depths of despair and when all clarity has become murky still a spark of hope for more, for more goodness, love, and joy lives on that cannot be extinguished. That is the power within you. That eternal light burns within you even if you don't consciously know it's there. That is what it is to be human.

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