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Growing Pains

Light the Fire Within and you BECOME the Light


Throughthe fires of grief, heartache and anger old paradigms begin to dissolve. We emerge anew-awakening to our authentic true selves.

Growing Pains

Relationships come to fill us up and reflect our wounds and insecurities so they can me healed and let go. Those issues or reflections are not the problem they are shining light on fears, insecurities, and things within both people giving each the opportunity to go within and heal. The mending unconditional love comes from within…Self-Love.

Relationships are opportunities to learn and grow. Sometimes people are meant to come into our lives for a short time to learn these lessons and allow healing to occur. Heartbreaks are the growing pains of expansion, illumination, and growth into becoming the person you are meant to be.

Find the strength within to say no to situations that are toxic or stagnant. It’s okay to choose you. It’s okay to choose your happiness and well-being. Take the wisdom and healing from the lessons with you in gratitude; and allow the wounds, insecurities that were illuminated to fall away. Imagine those space filled with vibrant light.

Love is never in vain.

When we step more and more fully into our personal power and choose self-love, we are able to manifest from a place of abundance, joy, and surrender.

From that space we can create more fully our heart’s true desire and make magic happen.

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