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New Moon Meditation

& Sound Healing


The New Moon is a time of new beginnings. We connect with the

energy of the New Moon to plant new seeds to achieve

our goals, birth new projects and ideas, and reflect on the

past month, present and where we’re going.

Journey within through guided visualization, breath, and reflection prompts to tap into your creative nature,

gain clarity on your goals and desires,

and clear space to allow it all to manifest.


Sound Healing with the Crystal Alchemy Singing  Bowls will assist you in accessing deeper layers, ideas, and parts of yourself that have been hidden, shut down, or repressed.


The sound and vibration of the singing bowls gently yet powerfully releases blocks for your new dreams, desires, and ideas to emerge and connect with your inner wisdom,

healing, and expand your intuition.


This event takes place on the Thursdays

closest to the New Moon Online via Zoom

Recorded Replay Available

$33 Energy Exchange

7-8:15pm CST

Feb 11

Mar 11

April 8

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