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Full Moon

Goddess Circle

Gather with a tribe of women to heal and activate our womb space to unleash and ignite your creative spark.


Come together in sisterhood, held in a nurturing safe container to connect, release, grow, and embody the goddess within. The goddess lives in each of us. She carries all aspects of the Divine Feminine her: the soft sensual being, the fierce fire, the nurturing mother, the wild woman, the sweet energies of surrender and trust, receiving, flowing in creative power. 

Every month we will embody the energies of a different goddess archetype to ignite those energies within us to release old stories, patterns, and limitations and connect  and ground in the limitless potentiality

of your center of creation (womb space). 

Healing energies are amplified when women join together in community. Together in ceremony we will deeply connect to our wombs,

our space of creation, and personal power,

to cleanse heartache, trauma, outdated patterns and beliefs,

and deconstruct blocks to unlock your full creatrix potential.


The intention of each circle is to clear, heal and activate the creative power of the womb space with the Goddess.


From that space we are able to feel more empowered, speak our authentic truth and feel safe to be seen and heard vulnerably, tap into our creative flow and birth new ideas and projects, find alignment and flow, receive, and connect deeply with our spirituality and intuition.



The flow and practices will vary as the goddess archetype guides. Some practices may include guided visualization, journaling, dance, chant, sound healing and time to share and be witnessed while making heartfelt connections with the fellow sisters.


The Goddess Circles will take place on the Sunday

closest to the Full Moon.  

Online via Zoom


5-6:30pm CST

$44 Energy Exchange


Upcoming Dates and Goddess Archetype

February 28: Hathor

March 28: TBD

April 25: TBD

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