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Cultivate Heart Wisdom

Divine Feminine Awakening
5 Week Journey with the 4 Elements

Dissolve any illusions of separation, unworthiness or unlovablility, and remember your unbreakable connection to self, source, and others.


Magnetically radiate love so fully for yourself that you naturally attract the relationships and partner you desire

Join 13 Sisters in the Sacred Heart Opening Journey



Your heart’s wisdom will always guide you in the right direction. Life experiences and traumas impact how clearly we’re able to connect and hear our heart’s wisdom, clouding our vision, making us forget our worth and blocking us from

living a joyful expressive rich life.


Can you Relate?


  • Give, give, give to others and feel unloved and unappreciated in return and no time for yourself, leaving you drained, depleted and resentful?

  • Negative self talk keeping you down and disconnected from self and others?           

  • Trouble connecting to yourself, letting love in,

        or receiving help or compliments?

Sound Familiar?

  • Bottle up or stuff your feelings down


  • Rushing around and no time for ME time


  • Keep others at arm's length and don't know why


  • Difficulty letting go of past relationships or repeating patterns



This Experience is for you if you EVER felt…

  • Broken Hearted, Grief, or Empty and directionless

  • Have negative self talk, feel unlovable or unworthy

  • Can’t attract the relationships, friendships,

       or romantic partner you desire

  • Disconnected from self, others, nature, source

  • Afraid to get close to others and keep them at arm’s distance

  • Low Self-esteem and confidence, and full of self doubt

  • Out of touch with your body, ungrounded, dispassionate, 

  • Difficulty processing, feeling, or sharing emotion

  • Don't FEEL loved despite having healthy relationships

  • Hustle and constantly busy helping others without any time for ME time

  • Stuck in the masculine way of DOING and productivity

  • Unclear how to trust and connect with  your intuition and spirituality


Now is the time to clean-up the heart space and transmute

the dense heavy empty baggage, and set yourself free to expand

into the spaciousness of the wise heart center.  Reconnect with your

passion, child-like imagination, and align with love.

Now is the time to... 

  • Reclaim your voice of wisdom

  • Fall madly in love with yourself

  • Become your own loving best friend

  • Release all the outdated stories holding you down 

  • Radiantly and magnetically call in the relationships 

       and experiences you desire




  • Flowing through your range of emotions with grace and ease


  • Magnetically radiating love so fully for yourself that you naturally


  • Attract the relationships and partner you desire and

        finally cut the cords binding you to the past


  • Feeling Safe and Secure to allow people in and to get close 


  • Nourishing yourself with authentic Self Love and Confidence

It's already WITHIN you

  • Awaken  your Divine Feminine nature of

       receiving, worthiness, trust, and surrender


  • Receive as much and more than you give so you are

       sharing from an overflowing cup

  • Connect deeply with your body, your intuition, and within your relationships creating a level of intimacy with self and others you didn't know was possible


  • Reclaim all the pieces of your heart and feel whole, light, and full

You CAN have that all and more



  • Reclaim all the pieces of your heart and feel full 

  • Process unresolved grief stored in the body

       and energy filled to feel lighter and free

  • Connect to your Divine Feminine Nature, and open and expand your heart center

  • Loving, supportive Self Talk become your default

  • Magnetically radiate love so fully for yourself that you naturally attract the relationships and partner you desire

  • Feel safe and secure to deeply establish intimate connections 

  • KNOW your worth and receiving love is birthright

  • Flow through your range of emotions with grace

  • Ignite your passion and get clear on your desires

  • Nourish yourself with authentic self love and confidence

  • Trust and hear your distinct intuitive guidance and heart wisdom

  • Express your authentic truth from the heart center

  • Open the channel to your spirituality,  intuition, and innate self- healing



The healing is amplified as we join together in community to release old wounds and coding and transform and activate the new codes anchored in love, wisdom, and connection.


The healing energy transmissions coded in the channeled guided meditation will take you on a journey to the depths of

your heart where you are able to unblock the walls and

upgrade your default settings on the quantum level.



Quantum healing takes place on the subconscious, energetic, and spiritual levels for lasting transformation as those shifts effortlessly unfold in the physical and emotional bodies as well.


Embody Nature's Healing

We will embody each of the 4 Elements (Fire, Air, Earth, Water)  plus Ether (Spirit) to heal and clear out-date programs and patterns, limiting beliefs, and unprocessed emotions, and replace it with aligned heart wisdom. Each of the elements have their unique gifts and healing to share.

By embodying the energy of each of the individual elements you are

able to tap into the healing power of nature to reach the deepest

darkest corners and shed light and healing.


The tools and connection you will learn by working with the 4 elements plus Ether will resource you to manage, move through, and respond to triggers and blocks that come up even outside of our 5 weeks together.


You will journey to the depths of your heart

for a transformational and lasting healing.



Fire brings purification, burns away and transmutes what no longer serves you, ignites your passion and drive, and brings forth

clarity for how you desire to live your life. 


Air assists in letting go of the stories keeping you trapped in the past and guides you to flow and express yourself naturally. It transmutes denser heavier sensations and energies into nourishing, pliable creative energy. 


Earth grounds and centers, helps us to feel safe and secure in our own beings and therefore safer to connect with others and

the world around us on a deeper intimate level. 

Water guides us to process unresolved grief and emotions/feelings that were stuffed and repressed throughout your life. Access the full range of emotions and nuances of feelings, amplify your capacity to hold and feel your emotions, and express them as they come up. 

Ether (Spirit)  dissolves any illusions of separation, unworthiness or unlovablility, and reminds us of our unbreakable

connection to self, source, and one another.


What’s Included

5 Week Divine Feminine Heart Awakening

Small  Intimate Group

13 Spaces

  • Weekly Live Ceremonial Gatherings on Zoom                                                              (90-120 minutes each) With Replays ($999 Value)

    • We will vote as a group on the dates/times of the live meetings

  • Private Facebook Group to connect and share, build a tribe of sisterhood with like-minded community, and get support ($99 Value)

  • Weekly recorded meditation ($222 Value)

  • Weekly Element Playlist ($44 Value)

  • Daily Journal Prompts ($111 Value)

  • Weekly coaching homework and activities to EMBODY the elements and connect deeper to your Heart Wisdom Daily ($333 Value)

    • Support available as you move through activities

  • Weekly Group Element Tarot Reading for Guidance ($444 Value)

  • Weekly Group Element Oracle Card Reading ($444 Value)

  • Pre and Post Program Homework to prepare and seal in the experience



  • Weekly Element Goddess affirmation, guidance, activities to connect with her healing and embody archetypal energy ($222 Value)

  • 30% off Private Email Tarot Readings 


Total Program Value is OVER $2900

Pay in Full

ONLY $555                   

Extended Payment Plan Option

7 Weekly Payments

$90/ Week 

Want to Dive Deeper into the Sanctuary of your Heart?

Join the UPGRADED VIP Experience with an ADDITIONAL Personalized 1:1 Journey and MORE





  • (2) 1:1 Customized Coaching Calls on Zoom ($444 Value)

  • 1 Personalized Tarot Reading (Up to $125 Value)

  • 50% off Additional Tarot Readings

  • Special Discount on Additional 1:1 Coaching Package

  • Special VIP Discount on Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls (Varies)




Total Program Value is OVER $3800



Pay in Full

ONLY $999

Extended Payment Plan Option

7 Weekly Payments



Email Bekah for more info at

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