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Conscious Sleep Meditation
& Sound Healing

Be washed over with a sense of ease, calm, and serenity

as you are guided through breathing, body awareness, relaxation techniques.


In this deeply relaxed state the body and mind are able to let go of racing thoughts, worry, and anxiety, and is able to rejuvenate and restore itself as if in deep asleep

while remaining conscious and aware.

By setting an intention in this deeply relaxed state we learn to

effortlessly create new patterns and habits.

This effortless yet powerful practice can be done by anyone.

There are no difficult poses. Simply lay back and be guided into a peaceful state of being.


Let the unique sound and vibration of each bowl wash away what is energetically no longer needed and drift into even deeper levels of  blissful relaxed awareness.

The Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls  connect  you to your innate healing and inner guidance.

$33 Energy Exchange

 Sun July  18, 5:30-6:45pm CST Online

Zoom link will be emailed day of the event.

Recorded Replay Available

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