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Conscious Sleep Meditation

An 7 Day Inner Retreat


Join me on a 7 day inner journey to experience inner peace, bliss, and an overall sense of well-being through the practice of Yoga Nidra Meditation (Conscious Sleep) and Sound Healing.  Effortlessly release the ties of unconscious self-sabotaging beliefs and replace them with new intentional patterns. Allow worry, anxiety, and tension to dissolve into sensations of harmony, calm, and rejuvenation. Unconscious reactions are able to turn into conscious responses. Experience more restful, sound sleep feeling restored and energized to take on the day. Simply lay back and be guided into an effortless state of  profound relaxation and inner bliss. 


What to Expect

We will gather in a private Facebook group where I’ll be offering live Yoga Nidra Mediations every day for one week. Replays will be available for one week past the last live class. Classes will be held at different times throughout the week to accommodate a variety of schedules to catch classes live.


Bonus articles, videos, and other posts will be shared within the group during the 7 day period. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded community within the group, share your experiences, and ask questions to the group. 


We will begin with a group oracle card reading for an uplifting message for the day’s practice. Then we will move into the guided meditation and conclude the practice with sound healing with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Each session will last between 60 and 75 minutes. 


About the Modalities


Conscious Sleep (Yoga Nidra) Meditation 

This ancient practice will progressively guide you into slow brain wave states (Alpha and Theta) through the use of a variety of breathing, body awareness, and relaxation techniques. There’s no difficult poses or anything you have to do other than lay back and listen. In these slowed brain waves states, the body, mind, and spirit are able to regenerate and rebalance itself. 


On a physiological level Yoga Nidra Meditation can increase levels of dopamine, serotonin, and induce the release of oxytocin as the body needs to reach a state of balance. As these neurotransmitters begin to balance, anxiety decreases, mood elevates, symptoms of PTSD and addiction can begin to lesson, and sleep improves. 


On an emotional and spiritual level, you may begin to become more self aware, connected to your intuition and aligned path, and dis-identify with self-limiting beliefs and patterns. You are aware and conscious during the practice but also able to tap into the subconscious mind where you are able to effortlessly replace out-dated patterns and reliefs with healthier affirmations through the power of intention . 


Sound Healing

Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls are high frequency sound healing tools/instruments using the medium of sound and vibration to penetrate and resonate within the body, shifting the frequencies of the body and mind. These shifts allow the body to resonate at higher frequencies bringing more light, peace, stillness and deep relaxation to the body.


 Because our bodies - right down to our DNA, are also crystalline in structure, there can be overwhelming effects on the circulatory, metabolic and endocrine systems, as well as the organs, tissues and cells when working with alchemy singing bowls.


Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards are a tool for accessing your intuition and receive uplighting messages for empowerment and guidance.They assist in setting intentions and creating mindfulness through your day. 


Investment in Your Well-Being


$111 Energy Exchange for our week of live meditations together


This program is valued at $490



Schedule CST

Mon      Nov 16       7:30pm

Tues      Nov 17       12pm

Wed       Nov 18      7:30pm

Thurs    Nov 19      12pm

Fri         Nov 20       7:30pm

Sat         Nov 21        11am

Sun        Nov 22       11am


About Your Guide

Bekah is a Certified Amrit Method Yoga Nidra Facilitator, and meditation and sound healing alchemist. Her intention is to empower others and help reconnect them with their own innate healing power.  As a guide, she assists others to tap into their inner guidance, and transform what no longer serves them into wisdom and inner strength to live the life of their wildest dreams.

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