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Common Tarot Myths Busted

1. Tarot Tells the Future

Incorrect. Tarot provides a snapshot of the energy in time and where things are headed if nothing changes. The future is always changing based on our free will to choose. By seeing where events are headed you have the opportunity to shift direction and shape the future you desire. You have the choice to shape the future you desire.


2. Tarot is Evil or Bad

Incorrect. Tarot is simply another tool to access your intuition, understand how your subconscious thoughts and beliefs might be affecting you, and gain more clarity so you can make the choices to  create the life you've always dreamt of. 


3. You Have to be Psychic to Read Tarot

Incorrect. The images and meanings and how the cards interact tell the story of the energies in play at that given moment. The cards are a tool to access your own inner guidance and tap into your subconscious, similarly to entering a guided meditation. 

4. Tarot is only for special occasions or major life events/crisis

Incorrect. Tarot can be a daily part of your routine. Tarot can be used to set your intention for the day, help you understand your emotions or days you feel in a funk, give guidance, help connect with your intuition and so much more. 

5. Tarot can tell me what someone else's intentions are, what someone else is going to do and what someone else is thinking and feeling. 

Incorrect. It in unethical to do a reading about someone else without their consent and takes the focus away from the inquirer further disempowering them. Tarot can show the dynamic and energy between two people as it relates to the inquirer to help them navigate the relationship and situation. 

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