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Book Your Reading

Readings are done through email. To book a session simply

email me with your question or what you'd like to focus on in your reading.

We will work together to phrase and refine your question

as needed to shape it in an empowering way

while keeping the essence of your question the same.


Once the question is finalized and paid, you will receive a separate email

with your detailed, customized reading in a word document

within 48 hours. All readings are kept confidential. 

Email tarot readings provide the opportunity for the client to read and reflect on the messages that came through as often as they like and can save the reading forever. It's a good way to reflect how far you've come as well as getting more or different nuances from the reading a week, month, year later etc. 


Quick and Powerful

(3 card pull to get a general overview of the situation and energy)



Empowering Clarity (Most Popular)

(Explore in depth 1 area such a career, love, or spirituality etc. )



Deep Dive 

(Great if you're feeling lost or needing direction in multiple areas of your life, this is the all encompassing reading)


Referral Program

-When you refer someone and they pay for their first session, get 50% off your next reading

-Submit a review on Facebook and/or testimonial and get 50% off your next reading

Monthly Specials

-Monthly specials posted on the Facebook Page @eveofalchemy and in the newsletter

February Offer: Relationship and Love Readings $44


Disclaimer: Tarot readings do NOT provide medical or psychological advice. 

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