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To Love or Let Go

To Love or Let Go We are beings of light and dark. You cannot run from your shadow, and there is no need to fear it. Our shadow aspects develop from wounded parts of us that we repress, cast out, and shame. It is the parts that we often times turn away from and do not want to acknowledge. These shadow parts are essential to our growth and healing. It is not the wounded shadow parts that need to be let go of. Letting go creates more separation. Let go of the stories that surround the wound. The stories or false beliefs are what keeps the pain so fresh and alive. It is the stories that hold us back and bring the past into the present. Send love to those wounded shadow parts. Those parts of us

The Year of Miracles

The Year of Miracles The forth coming of a new year often brings new goals and expectations set for ourselves. This year what if it was done differently. What if you let go of the expectations? What if you let go of the judgment? What if you replaced it with openness and trust? I invite you to take a moment, close your eyes and allow yourself to experience what that might feel like. Imagine the freedom and expansiveness of trusting and surrendering that universe is providing everything you need. It may not appear as what we think we want and at times may not be comfortable, but whatever comes is for our growth to become who we are meant to be. It comes for our healing so we can be the strong