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Beacon of Light

Healing the Collective One Om at a Time Beacon of Light From the depths of our being we are asked to look within. Look into the mirror of our souls and reflect. What are our strengths and gifts? What areas need some loving attention to heal? How can we share our gifts with the community? The time for growth, healing and community is now. We are being called to find the strength and courage within ourselves to connect with our higher selves and wisdom and share it with the community. You are a beacon of light and the world needs you to shine your light and glow with the brightness you are. Darkness cannot dwell in the light. You are the light. Your gifts are needed. Be the unique expre

To Be Human...

The eternal fire of hope burns within you To Be Human Life brings us difficult situations and experiences that may feel very personal, as if no matter how hard we try we aren't meant to have the outcome we desire. These difficult heart wrenching knock to you knees experiences have a purpose. It may not feel like it and we may not understand it for weeks, months, years or sometimes ever. These experiences that knock us down are the universe's breaking system. To propel us on our path even though it may not appear as the one we intended. We don't have to like it or be happy for it. It is true we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and we are still just that...human. It's okay to fe