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Sun Dec 27, 5-6:30pm CST/6-7:30 EST

$44 Energy Exchange

Online Zoom





Gather with a tribe of women to heal and activate our womb space to unleash and ignite your creative spark.










Release old stories, patterns, and limitations and replace and anchor it with connection to the limitless potentiality of your center of creation. Activate your quantum reality code through healing your womb.


Begin the New Year Birthing and Voicing your creative power from the womb into your Heaven on Earth reality. Freely and authentically express your true desires into reality this New Year.









Healing energies are amplified when women join together in community. Together in ceremony we will deeply connect to our wombs, our space of creation and personal power, to cleanse heartache, trauma, outdated patterns and beliefs, and deconstruct blocks to unlock your full creatrix potential.








Sound Healing with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls will assist in washing away the old and rebirthing the new while creating a profound sense of peace, stillness, and clarity.


The Alchemical Womb Healing experience will include a guided visualization, womb breathing, reflection prompts, and a water and fire puja (ceremony) with time to share and be witnessed.


Suggested to wear something red.

Bring an object, trinket, or crystal to infuse the healing into and carry the energy of your quantum womb code.


Sun Dec 27, 5-6:30pm CST/6-7:30 EST

$44 Energy Exchange

Online Zoom
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