About Eve of Alchemy

You are ready for change.  At this very moment you are on the EVE, the edge, the cusp of transformation!  You are ready to take the next step in your evolution.  Your efforts in taking active steps in your own transformation is where the alchemy begins!  To experience the magic that opens up when you make yourself a priority, saying yes to diving deep and allowing your old self to fall away and your new self to emerge.


Eve of Alchemy is a safe space for you to create your own Alchemy and see the changes and growth you so desire to manifest in your life. Bekah works to assist you on the path to discovery, transmutation, and manifestation...whether that be improved overall well-being or in one area in particular. Our mission is to offer a holistic mind, body, spirit approach to medicine with the belief that YOU heal yourself and we are there to assist and support you in that healing wherever you may be at in the moment, meeting you where you’re at and assist you to go at your own pace.


But what is Alchemy, anyway?  Where medicine meets magic. In short...transmutation.  This means taking something that is in one form (a thought pattern, health ailment, situation, etc) and transforming it into another more favorable form. For example, through the power of Yoga Nidra one may transform the thought pattern of “I’m not good enough” to confidence that occurs effortlessly using the intention “I AM Confident”.  Or by allowing the healing energy of The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls to transform blocks of constricted, dense energy or pain into light, loving energy therefore creating more space and freedom.   


Bekah's empathy and passion for exploring new, creative ways of growing and healing themselves, and assisting others on their own healing path comes through in all that they do. They remain dedicated to open and clear communication in a non-judging and nonconforming manner. Eve of Alchemy is always evolving maintaining fluidity as Bekah continues to offer new workshops and services to expand her practices and offerings, while the essence of her mission remains the same.

Meaning Behind the Logo

The Eve of Alchemy logo is represented mainly by an elephant and plays a major role in the foundation of Eve of Alchemy. The elephant kept appearing synchronistically and naturally became a symbol for Eve of Alchemy. Traditionally, the elephant represents strength and steadfastness, mental strength, responsibility and earthiness.  Elephant symbolism acknowledges the ever gentle and wise Spirit animal, exemplifying focused power and strength. The subtle yin and yang feel to the Eve of Alchemy logo offers the intention of balance and colors effortlessly morph one into the next.
The tree aspect of the logo represents balance and connection to the ground below and sky above, seasons of life and cycles of growth.